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Do you have a vegan menu?

Yes we do! The Cheezy Truck Food Truck uses vegan butter and always has vegan cheese on the truck. Any sandwich can be substituted to fit specific dietary needs or restrictions.

Can you cook for gluten-free clients?

The Cheezy Truck Food Truck has Gluten free bread, specialty salads and fries for our clients who have dietary restrictions. Everyone can enjoy a meal off The Cheezy Truck Food Truck

Do you have a food truck minimum?

Great question. Yes, The Cheezy Truck Food Truck has a minimum purchase amount to operate the truck. Please send us a request for more information.

Do you have packages available?

Yes we have package prices for all kinds of events and private parties with The Cheezy Truck Food Truck. Please reach out for a custom quote for your special occasion.

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